Marist Football

Welcome to Marist Football Club. Below are the links for all the information you need to join our great Senior or Junior teams.

COVID-19 Update

Senior football is going ahead this weekend under COVID Level 2, please ensure you familiarise yourselves with the following;
• Competitions and matches can occur as normally provided the total number of players, coaches, referees, support staff and spectators does not exceed 100 people and public health measures, physical distancing restrictions, contact tracing and hygiene measures are in place.
• Where a number of pitches are in one large open area, multiple gatherings can take place as long as each does not exceed 100 people and remains independent, physically distant, and avoids mingling or interacting with each other.
Contact Tracing
Everyone, including players, coaches, managers, referees, support staff and spectators must check in to every football activity
Respect Program
The Respect Program (pre-match handshaking etc) will not take place for any matches this weekend. Players and match officials should refrain from any unnecessary contact both pre and post-match.
Changing Facilities
Changing rooms will be closed unless your team has been advised otherwise by your team manager
All participants should wash and dry their hands, or if not possible use hand sanitiser, before and after any activity.
• Maintain physical distancing of 2 metres wherever possible. Avoid team huddles, stop pre or post-game handshakes and the traditional ‘ceremonial walkout’ respect walkout.
• Face coverings, such as masks, are recommended to be used in public.
• Spitting, or similar actions, is prohibited, including on GK gloves.
• Sharing of equipment should be minimised where possible and thoroughly cleaned before and after every use.
• Caution should be exercised with common touchpoints (e.g. gates or doors) with hands washed or sanitised after use.
• Water bottles should not be shared under any circumstance.
• No communal food, such as half-time oranges or lollies, should be shared.
Clubrooms – as we need to restrict numbers the Marist will be closed except for teams hosting teams from out of town
Patrons must remain seated.